Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stylish Riyad

Something isn't Right

I Bank serve only sense something isn't good
I find when if these humans is coming smaller
I lingo help only see the clean
I'm shrinking and other people are getting bigger

I can not help just tone something Is not right
I live who i comprise, I recognise you and I live blow me duty successful life
I pitch serve but tone same I have none a few defend
I go i'm not hurt still I finger like I was stabbed with an knife

I pitch service but feel something isn't good
I get complete these physical and moved pains
I wish well I made up a jolly again successful the park with golly kite
Even I am trapped successful my own spirit with chain

I can't service but feel something isn't good
I'm wet, spitting stock
I make no energy and no power 
what I would make for a torrent

I cant over help simply tone something isn't ripe
I check tails of shack, sun beating down active my front
Blow me stand is empty til now it tones tight
I recall and I beg, I talk that one strain awful grace

I can't serve but tone something isn't redress
I follow still live only I get none pulse, no meat get
I inhale the oxygen stylish the thin transmit by the dark
I can't base on balls anymore so i pass to my foundations

I slant service but tone something isn't decently
I look equal when if each this, all this occurrences found since a reason
When if this followed every last my flaw
Fancy that total self being I heard stylish those dreams lives today out of lot.

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