Saturday, April 11, 2015

Eid Day of Riyad 2013

Our Eid Has Come To Bring Us Peace
Eid Mubarke, Eid Mubarke 
Our Eid gets total 
To play us peace 
To lend us making love 
To charish our life 
It's the time 
We muslims fell in concert 
Shoulder to shoulder 
It's the clip 
We muslims part 
Share our love 
Share trust 
Eid Mubarke, Eid Mubarke  
Eid Is A Celebration For Muslims To Celebrate
Eid is a festivity as muslims to go on 
Eid is clip to say Eid mobarak and pray 
A lot of muslims give way money to their children and say Eid mobarak. 
Some muslims go to their familiarity and neighbors. 
Some people give money to other children, 
they do not just give money to their own babies, 
they give money to their acquaintance babies or to their neighbors babies. 
They can also give way money to adults. 
Eid mobarak, Eid mobarak to you all my bothers and sisters.
Eid Is Fun and Great, It's Time To Celebrate 
Eid is fun and great 
It's clip to watch 

Eid Mubarak to everybody come on 
Get take lots of fun! 

All people going to the mosque to pray 
People is beautiful, it is a special day. 

"Mmmm"... the tasting of the delightful food 
Really ranges you stylish a goodness mood. 

Everybody's bearing their stylish dresses 
And the barfs are cruising in their 
Brassy cars on the routes. 

Children opening their gives with smiles 
On their looks and causing fun leaving to different places. 

All at once the day comes to an end 
All right what can I say... 
Thank you for a beautiful day!!! 


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