Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Baisakhi Pic 3

Baisakhi The New Season
Stretch, itching by Jove eyes, 
On a full yaw, I make full cor blimey lungs 
with glow of hayfields. 
Twitter clack of the birdies 
Slow fill the air out
Connected with low moo's true high-priced. 
A staring earthy mark 
Short betters to 
the stepwise pumping from water
Blended dead with slack 
Jazzy good from the thrums, 
Flaring thems tread to the 
Dulcet dance maidens
Stressing ambience, when 
precariously poising their freight. 
An short suspension and past
Break sameness on their gauds
Kick junk, inessential the baffle
Successful big Crescendo. 
Running tricolor dupatta
Shading with the light
Congratulating large sweep
From fearful, graceful, measured fields
Make full these cool stormy morning. 

The novel flavour takes in arrived.


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