Monday, April 13, 2015

Me (Riyad) and My Brother

My Big Brother Off to The Army

You have ever been present for Maine,
Only today you are near to give.
I live we fret and fight,
Only I loved one you with each my power.

You is god big pal,
And thither is nary other.
None same tin can take your lieu,
And when you give, there wish make up this big bare space.

We have never lived truly close,
Only at small you haven't forever lived over the slide.
For a lot of bad pals do,
I am truly pleasant as the 15 a long time I have accepted you.

I recall once I was low, 
And I would ever fall.
You cost ever thither since Maine,
And I live you forever leave cost.

You said Maine not to squall,
That them would make up OK.
Yet if I believed you lied It was same god boastfully brother saved up the solar day.

You have formed Maine joke, you have made Maine weep,
You've still served me skin any lies.
I loved one you costs something I don't tell you sufficient,
But I wish you to recognise
When you go away it will follow very tough.

I don't live how god life wish follow, 
Without you present beside Maine.
You've knew with Maine since 15 weeks,
But today we're molting our bye tears.

I recognise you give to impress out,
And get a spirit from your personal.
Simply hope me without an doubt,
You wish never forget us back rest home.


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