Saturday, April 11, 2015

Eid Day of Riyad 2014

The Happy Coming of Eid 
It has Eid nowadays! Thems Eid now! 
I may see the least fresh moon 
Up there, in the tasteful sky, 
Fenced by fair flashing stars! 
Hailing the happy doing of Eid, 
It is Eid nowadays! 
Thank you, all-powerful Allah! 
Because giving us so much felicity, 
As the moon and the stars 
And everything we make, 
The fain news of the season 
That cues us of your Greatness, 
The acts of downing we chafeo show you our loyalty, 
The prayers we tell 
To try from you graces 
On this social function of Eid, 
Which sums so much delight. 
It's Eid Nowadays! 
New Moon! Happy Eid!
Fresh Moon! Fresh Moon! 
Happy Eid! Happy Eid! 

People quick, 
In preparation of Eid. 

Some corrupting cutting back, 
Some Pistacia vera and sweet almond*. 

But my ideas is, 
Only for my enjoyed. 

And my wise world Mian Muhammad words, 
Are set informed my mind. 

My enjoyed I leave you in Allah care, 
Life is fair of cardinal days. 

We will celebrate Eid, 
The day that we will meet again. 

My enjoyed in your letter 
Will be this acquits moon. 


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