Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Baisakhi Pic 1

Boisakhi Mitro

When u guess from man, issues wider than spirit, 

I stay to hold up successful bondage! 

The elegant to fend with my possess peses, 

To extend, to embrace god longings..........

To tone the sky-blue spicy sky, 

Inhale the morning time snap at my hearts want, to alert.............

To expire without, without giving to look on my back, 

To joke, to smile, without being called unmaidenly! 

To be able to make admirers, without living termed, easy! 

To follow free on exemption, is but an uncommon dream for me! 

When you think of world, And topics more important in life, 

I still wait, for release line, to take my secure lungs and exist.


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