Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dear Mom of Riyad

Puppy And I

I Ran across a Man for I broke down walking:
We beat talking,
Man and I.
"Wherever are you going away to, Man?" I said
(I said to the Man as he became from).
"Cut to the village, to bewilder some kale.
Wish you come with me?" "None, not I."

I played a sawhorse as I expired walking;
We became talking,
Horse and I.
"Wherever is you exit to, Horse, now?"
(I same to the Horse whilst he went of).
"Down to the small town to beat close to hay.
Wish you come with me?" "None, not two met a Woman when I went taking the air;
We flap blab out,
Coal and I.
"Where are you go to, char, so past?"
(I said to the char since she went past).
"Down to the village to make it few barley.
Wish you drop with Maine?" "No more, not I."

I met some lapins for I went walk;
We fell talking,
Rabbits and I.
"Where are you active stylish your brown pelt opens?"
(I told to the hares when they went of).
"Cut to the village to go some oats.
Wish you derive with us?" "No more, not I."

I met a Puppy for I broke in walk;
We got speak,
Puppy and I.
"Where are you going these nice very well day?"
(I scan to the Puppy for he broke past).
"Up to the piles to roll and fun."
"I will get with you, Puppy," told I.


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