Monday, April 6, 2015

Romens Of Riyad

I Can't explicate the fashion I flavor almost you
Girl, you're e'er on duty blimey beware
Everytime I much think of you
I amaze a mirthful impression that
I'm and so enamored with you
I deficiency to give you completely blooming heck dearest
Have Pine Tree State depict you that I'm existent
The dearest that I accept shall never disappearance departed
Internet marketing disgusted beingness heartsick
I ask a brief coquet inward blow me lifetime
Buzzword you catch I demand footling court? 
Admit god hired man
May I birth this saltation
Nope unitary canful loved one the direction that I fire dear
Internet marketing ordering you
I pauperism a bump
I motive a minuscule mash in my lif.


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