Friday, April 10, 2015

Riyad's Meeting in Water

There is not in the extensive man a vale so sweet 
Because that vale in whose heart the brightly waters meet;
Oh! the last rays of feeling and life must leave, 
Before the flower of that vale shall pass from my heart. 

Even it was not that nature had shed over the scene 
Her purest by watch glass and brightest of green; 
'Twas not her soft magic of run or hill, 
Oh! no, -- it was something more beautiful still. 

'Twas that friends, the beloved of my heart, we are near, 
Who made every dear scene of spell more dear, 
And who found how the best charms of nature improve, 
When we see them reflected from looks that we love. 

Sweet vale of Avoca! how still gave notice from shade, with the friends I love best, 
Where the forces that we feeling successful these cold world should stop, 
And our hearts, like thy waters, be mixed in peace.

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  1. Beautiful friendship......



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