Saturday, April 11, 2015

I am In Fantsy

In The Stars

Two centres are sewn near the constellation

Low the moon glowing 
         You and I
Staring dormie into the Starry Sky
This dark we sit below the dazzling baseball field dust
Our eyes look and meet tonight 
Stars wink a poem of each paired heart
Mind................... The God's Whisper!

What costs enjoy? 
They inquired
A wish so gentle near the aces 
Greeting young copulates heart  
Poor just, in love
Mockeries from an honest-to-god shadow
Light embracing this bright instant 

-Aster Flares-
Intrigued from a sad fans tale
Deuce souls forever deep- 
Joint eternity through heavenly bliss
Gravitating  stylish a world in hand past the stars
Unfortunate bit from events, 
Romeo & Juliet
Collapsing stars ascent with an hymn 
From the import they fell
Just to display how beautiful-- 
-- the aces in the black
Ever so rich, around Orion's rap
Taking bills upon every verse, all heartbeat

Stars come every eve entry the ambience
Seeping direct the soul making love a office of fall
Illusion of permanence
Fire beetle* flaring out up  
A love life that endures last longer than minutes
Zodiac opens the billets
The stars recite you, who you are 
Gaze on the infinity
Follow the blue star
Beneath your calm splendor 
They wish bow
The leveling star, 
"God Star Of luv"  
Like glitter dust au fait a timeless prop
Never wish the memory from dear be become
Look up at the stars,
As somewhere down thither 
I read about YOU inch a poem.


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