Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Riyad is now Airport

Riyad is now Sylhet Airport
Then I was present at Sylhet Airport. I went to Sylhet for visit some natural view. As, Travel, Jaflong side of India and When I am going to Jaflong by bus. I watched Tea garden, Jaflong Hills, Jaflong River, and the stones of the place, Do you know, or unknown Jaflong and Sylhet Tea garden is the most favourite scenery in the world, Moslims people Like most  Shahjalal Mazar, Shahporan Mazar. There are two most powerful man of world wide about Muslim creator. The Birds, Fish, Cemeteries, etc. I have so much pleasure in Sylhet. These places are very good about the division. I get the chance to go here again to visit the same place. MORE 


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